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Tools to promote the flu vaccine in your community

With COVID-19 spreading in the community during the traditional flu season, this year more than ever, it’s important to get the flu vaccine. For the African American community, there’s added reason to get vaccinated, as higher rates of chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and asthma are common. These can put people at higher risk for complications from the flu and COVID-19.

While the flu vaccine won’t protect you from contracting COVID-19, it reduces your risk of serious illness and hospitalization from flu. And because the flu weakens your immune system, a person who gets the flu is susceptible to more serious illnesses, including COVID-19.

Kaiser Permanente is encouraging everyone 6 months and older to get the flu vaccine. Here’s how you can help spread the word in your community.

Watch and share this video

Watch this video to better understand why getting the flu shot is especially important this year.

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